Upgraded KTM 390 Adventure Spotted Off-road with Two New Colours

By Puspha Kumari S
13 Mar 2024
Upgraded KTM 390 Adventure Spotted

Adventure seekers, rejoice! The elusive upgraded KTM 390 Adventure, a motorcycle shrouded in anticipation for months, has been spotted prowling the testing grounds. These sightings have set the adventure bike community ablaze with speculation, igniting the question: is the off-road beast finally ready to unleash its fury?

Highlights of the Article

  • Thrilling Performance: Potent 373cc engine, responsive handling, and smooth power delivery.
  • Adventure-Ready Features: Spoked wheels, adjustable suspension, and robust undercarriage for versatile terrain.
  • Lightweight Agility: Effortless manoeuvrability with a balanced chassis and lightweight design.
  • Technology at Fingertips: TFT instrument cluster with essential ride data, navigation, and smartphone connectivity.
  • Launch Timeline: Speculation of an unveiling in early 2024, possibly at a major motorcycle show.

Unleash Your Inner Explorer

  • Thrilling Performance: The 373cc liquid-cooled engine delivers a potent punch, propelling you through challenging landscapes with ease. Its smooth power delivery and responsive handling ensure a confidence-inspiring ride.
  • Adventure-Ready Features: Embrace any terrain with features like spoked wheels for improved shock absorption, adjustable suspension for fine-tuning your ride, and a robust undercarriage for added protection.
  • Lightweight Agility: Navigate tight trails and winding roads with effortless manoeuvrability. The 390 Adventure's lightweight design and well-balanced chassis offer exceptional handling and control.
  • Technology at Your Fingertips: Stay connected and informed with a TFT instrument cluster displaying essential ride data, navigation, and smartphone connectivity.
  • Globally Recognized: The KTM 390 Adventure has garnered international acclaim for its performance, versatility, and value proposition, making it a popular choice for adventure seekers worldwide.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Variety of Trims: Choose from two variants - the standard 390 Adventure and the Adventure R - each tailored to different riding styles and terrain preferences.
  • World-Class Service: KTM's extensive service network ensures you have access to expert support and genuine parts wherever your adventures take you.
  • Thriving Community: Join a vibrant community of KTM riders and adventure enthusiasts for inspiration, tips, and shared experiences.

Is this Right for You? Let's Find Out

The recent sighting of a camouflaged motorcycle has sent shockwaves through the off-road world – the spotted KTM 390 Adventure. While the official unveiling remains shrouded in secrecy, these spy photos offer intriguing clues about the potential upgrades lurking beneath the disguise. Let's delve deeper and paint a picture of the potential beast KTM may be preparing to unleash.

Sharper Stance for Aggressive Adventures

The most striking transformation in the spotted bike is its complete design overhaul. Gone are the rounded curves of the current 390 Adventure, replaced by sharp, aggressive lines that ooze adventure readiness. The redesigned fuel tank boasts a taller stance and angular lines, hinting at improved wind protection and a more commanding riding position. The vertically stacked projector headlight, replacing the current round unit, adds to the muscular aesthetic, further emphasizing the bike's off-road prowess.

Suspension Upgrades for Taming Any Terrain

A key upgrade hinted at in the photos is the beefier upside-down front forks. Compared to the existing telescopic forks, these promise increased travel and superior absorption of challenging terrain. The revised rear suspension setup also suggests the possibility of more adjustability and improved damping, essential for tackling unpredictable off-road conditions.

Bodywork Tailored for Adventure

The spotted model showcases a redesigned front beak, reminiscent of KTM's larger adventure bikes. This amplifies the rugged look and improves protection against flying debris and debris kicked up by the front wheel. Redesigned side panels and handguards further enhance the bike's preparedness for conquering the elements.

Clues Pointing to Advanced Features

While not explicitly visible in the photos, some details offer tantalizing clues about potential upgrades. The presence of a revised instrument cluster suggests the inclusion of features like Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and improved information display. Additionally, the repositioned brake reservoir and cables could indicate the introduction of advanced braking systems like dual-channel ABS or even cornering ABS, enhancing safety and control in diverse riding conditions.

Beyond the Visuals: Speculating on Hidden Upgrades

The spy photos offer a glimpse into the physical changes, but what about the engine and performance? Rumours swirl about a reworked engine, potentially pushing the current 373cc single-cylinder unit closer to the 400cc mark. This translates to increased power and torque, making the 390 Adventure even more capable of handling demanding off-road challenges.

While the official details remain under wraps, the spotted KTM 390 Adventure has ignited excitement among off-road enthusiasts. The visible changes point towards a more aggressive design, improved suspension, and the potential for advanced features. Coupled with the rumoured engine upgrade, the upcoming 390 Adventure could be a significant leap forward, offering an even more thrilling off-road experience for adventure seekers.

The Hype is Real, But Wait There's More:

While the spotted model and speculations create a compelling picture, remember that nothing is confirmed until an official announcement from KTM. Nevertheless, the excitement is palpable, and the potential upgrades showcased in the spy photos suggest a machine ready to redefine the entry-level adventure segment. Stay tuned for further analysis and updates as we inch closer to the official unveiling of the beast!

Design Evolution

  • Rally-Inspired Aesthetics: The spotted test mules hint at a significant design overhaul, drawing inspiration from KTM's rally bikes. Expect sharper lines, a revised headlight setup (potentially split design), and a more prominent windscreen for enhanced wind protection.
  • Enhanced Ergonomics: The prototypes suggest adjustments to the seating position and handlebar configuration, potentially offering a more comfortable and commanding riding posture suitable for both on and off-road adventures.
  • Improved Functionality: Rumors point towards additional cargo-carrying options like integrated pannier mounts or luggage racks, catering to longer expeditions.

Performance Potential

  • Engine Speculations: While exact specifications remain unknown, speculations suggest a possible upgrade to the existing 373cc engine. This could translate to a bump in power and torque, offering better performance for tackling challenging terrains and maintaining highway speeds effortlessly.
  • Advanced Suspension and Chassis: Upgraded suspension components like larger diameter forks and a potentially reinforced chassis are visible in the spy shots. This hints at improved shock absorption, handling, and stability, especially on rough roads and uneven surfaces.
  • Electronically Enhanced: Rumors suggest the inclusion of advanced rider aids like traction control, cornering ABS, and potentially even rider modes. These features could enhance safety and control, offering different riding experiences for varying terrain and riding styles.

Tech Integration

  • Upgraded TFT Display: The next-gen 390 Adventure might boast a larger and updated TFT instrument cluster with improved readability, additional ride information, and potentially even smartphone connectivity features.
  • Navigation Integration: Integration with navigation systems could simplify route planning and improve the overall riding experience, especially for exploring new destinations.

Beyond the Speculations

  • Official Confirmation Needed: Remember, these are just speculations based on leaked information. Official details and specifications will only be confirmed by KTM upon the bike's official unveiling.
  • Multiple Variants: The possibility of multiple variants catering to different riding styles and budgets cannot be ruled out.
  • Availability and Pricing: Information regarding the motorcycle's launch date and pricing is yet to be revealed.

Overall, the potential upgrades glimpsed in the spy photos suggest an exciting evolution for the KTM 390 Adventure. If the speculations hold true, it could solidify its position as a compelling choice for both new and experienced adventure riders seeking a capable and feature-rich machine for exploring the world on two wheels.

Stay tuned for further updates and official announcements from KTM as we inch closer to the unveiling of the next-generation KTM 390 Adventure!

The 2024 KTM 390 Adventure gets two new colours

The recently launched 2024 KTM 390 Adventure in India just received an exciting update with the addition of two brand-new colour options.

This exciting news comes with the best part – no change in price! You can now experience the thrill of adventure riding on the KTM 390 Adventure in a fresh new look, all at the same accessible price point. Keep reading to delve into the details of these stunning new colour options and see which one ignites your adventurous spirit!

Unveiling the Bold New Palettes:

The 2024 KTM 390 Adventure now boasts two captivating colour options, each designed to fuel your riding spirit:

1. Dynamic White: This option embodies a spirit of sophistication and clean lines. The sleek white bodywork is complemented by contrasting grey panels, creating a sharp and contemporary aesthetic. This colourway is perfect for riders who appreciate a timeless and versatile look, ready to conquer any terrain.

2. Daring Black: For those seeking a bold and aggressive statement, the Daring Black colourway is the ultimate choice. The striking black paint scheme exudes confidence and power, further accentuated by orange accents on the frame and wheels. This option caters to riders who want their motorcycle to reflect their adventurous spirit and unwavering determination.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! The 390 Adventure continues to be a compelling choice for riders seeking performance, capability, and comfort in their off-road explorations. Here's a quick glimpse into some of its key features:

  • Powerful and Efficient Engine: The 373cc, single-cylinder engine pumps out 43 hp and 37 Nm of torque, offering a thrilling ride both on and off-road.
  • Agile Handling: The lightweight trellis frame and WP suspension provide exceptional handling and manoeuvrability, making it easy to navigate challenging terrain.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with features like ride-by-wire throttle, traction control, and cornering ABS, the 390 Adventure prioritizes both safety and performance.
  • Comfort and Convenience: A comfortable seat, a large fuel tank for extended range, and a full-colour TFT instrument cluster ensure a comfortable and informative ride experience.

These features, combined with the bold new colour optionsDynamic White and Daring Black – make the 2024 KTM 390 Adventure an even more enticing proposition for adventure seekers. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or starting your off-road journey, the 390 Adventure is ready to take you further, in style!

New KTM 390 Adventure Prepares for Off-Road Domination

New Delhi, India - KTM is revamping its popular 390 Adventure motorcycle, with a complete overhaul from chassis to design. Recent spy shots reveal the bike undergoing rigorous off-road testing, hinting at a machine built for conquering tough terrain.

Rally-Inspired Design: Drawing cues from KTM's championship-winning rally bikes, the new 390 Adventure boasts a high-mounted fairing, stacked LED lights, and a tall windscreen. The slim fuel tank and tapered tail section prioritize manoeuvrability, while the upright riding position enhances control.

Enhanced Off-Road Capability: The bike's design reflects KTM's extensive rally experience, promising improved off-road prowess. The ergonomics appear well-suited for tackling challenging terrain, with a comfortable standing position and easy handlebar reach.

Expected Launch and Features: KTM is expected to unveil the new 390 Adventure later this year, possibly at EICMA 2024. It will likely retain the 390 Duke's 43hp engine and come equipped with modern features like a TFT display, Bluetooth connectivity, and traction control.

Competitor Landscape: This revamped adventure bike is expected to rival the likes of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, offering a compelling option for riders seeking a versatile and capable machine.

New KTM 390 Adventure: Comparing Anticipated Upgrades to Rivals

While the 2024 KTM 390 Adventure's official details remain under wraps, the buzz surrounding its potential upgrades begs for a comparison with the current model and its competitors.

Stacking Up the Anticipated Upgrades

Current KTM 390 Adventure:

  • 373cc engine delivering 44 HP and 37 Nm torque
  • WP Apex forks with 170mm travel
  • Single-channel ABS
  • LCD instrument cluster

Anticipated Upgrades (Based on Spy Shots and Rumors):

  • Possible engine upgrade with increased power and torque
  • Upgraded suspension components (potentially larger forks and reinforced chassis)
  • Advanced rider aids like traction control and cornering ABS
  • Larger and updated TFT instrument cluster with navigation integration


  • Royal Enfield Himalayan 450: 450cc engine with 40 HP and 40 Nm torque, basic features, competitive price point
  • BMW G 310 GS: 313cc engine with 34 HP and 28 Nm torque, electronic throttle, dual-channel ABS, slightly higher price.

Comparing Upgrades with Rivals:

  • Power: The rumoured power bump in the new 390 Adventure could bridge the gap between it and the Himalayan 450, offering similar performance.
  • Tech Features: The inclusion of advanced rider aids and a potentially upgraded instrument cluster would bring the 390 Adventure closer to the G 310 GS in terms of technology.

Potential Advantages:

  • Price: If the 390 Adventure retains its current price advantage, it could remain an attractive option for budget-conscious adventure riders, even with the rumoured upgrades.
  • Weight: The 390 Adventure is expected to be lighter than its rivals, potentially offering superior agility and handling, especially on off-road terrains.

Standing Up to the Competition: A Contender in the Making?

Looking beyond the immediate rivals, the upgraded 390 Adventure could challenge even more established players. Kawasaki's KLX300SM and Honda CRF300L offer similar engine displacement and off-road prowess. However, the 390 Adventure's potential tech features and aggressive design language could attract riders seeking a more modern and feature-packed package.

Launch Timeline: Unveiling the Beast in 2024?

While KTM hasn't officially confirmed the launch date for the next-generation 390 Adventure, here's what we can glean from available information:

Industry Whispers and Historical Patterns:

  • Early 2024 Speculation: Industry whispers and KTM's past launch patterns suggest a possible unveiling in early 2024. This timeframe aligns with previous releases like the 2021 Duke 390, which was unveiled in February.
  • Motorcycle Show Season: March and April often see a flurry of motorcycle show unveilings, making them potential candidates for the 390 Adventure's debut. This would capitalize on the show season buzz and generate widespread media coverage.

However, it's crucial to remember:

  • Unconfirmed Information: These are educated guesses based on industry trends and KTM's historical launch patterns.
  • Official Announcement Reigns Supreme: Only an official announcement from KTM will confirm the exact launch date.

Here's a breakdown of possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: March/April 2024 Unveiling:

  • This scenario aligns with the industry whispers and follows KTM's recent launch patterns.
  • An unveiling at a major motorcycle show during this timeframe would generate significant hype and media attention.

Scenario 2: Later Unveiling in 2024:

  • While less likely, delays in production or strategic planning could push the unveiling to a later date in 2024.
  • KTM might choose to unveil the bike closer to its actual release date, which could be in the second half of the year.

Beyond the Launch:

Following the official unveiling, we can expect a flurry of activity, including:

  • Detailed specifications and features are being revealed.
  • Reviews from journalists and early riders offer insights into the bike's performance and capabilities.
  • Pre-order information becoming available for eager customers.

Embrace the Excitement:

While the exact launch date remains elusive, the anticipation surrounding the new KTM 390 Adventure is palpable. With the potential upgrades hinted at in the spy photos, this new iteration promises to be an exciting addition to the adventure motorcycle segment. Stay tuned for further updates as we inch closer to the official unveiling and the roar of the new beast!

KTM 390 Adventure: Reshaping the Adventure Landscape? Unveiling the Market Impact

The potential upgrades spotted on the next-generation KTM 390 Adventure have sparked speculations about its potential to disrupt the entry-level adventure segment. Here's a closer look at how it might influence the market:

Fueling the Fire

  • Performance Boost: A rumoured bump in power and torque could bridge the gap with bigger players like the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, attracting riders seeking a more thrilling adventure experience. This would put pressure on competitors to offer similar performance upgrades or risk losing a segment of the market.
  • Tech-Forward Features: Advanced features like traction control, cornering ABS, and a potentially upgraded TFT instrument cluster could steal the thunder from rivals lacking such technology. This could be a significant differentiator, especially for tech-savvy riders seeking a modern adventure experience.
  • Eye-Catching Design: The aggressive design language and rumoured new colour options might further entice riders seeking a visually striking motorcycle. This could attract a wider audience, potentially increasing brand loyalty and market share for KTM.

Beyond the Hype

  • Pricing Power: The market impact hinges heavily on KTM's pricing strategy. If they maintain a competitive price point within the existing 390 Adventure's range (₹3 - 3.5 lakh ex-showroom), it could become an irresistible force, attracting budget-conscious riders and potentially stealing market share from competitors.
  • Price Sensitivity: However, a significant price increase could push budget-conscious buyers towards established rivals like Royal Enfield and Yezdi, who offer competitive options at lower price points. KTM needs to carefully consider the pricing strategy to maximize its impact without alienating its target audience.
  • Market Response: Established players like Honda (CRF300L) and Kawasaki (KLX300) are unlikely to sit idly by. They might respond with strategic moves like introducing new features, offering competitive pricing, or launching updated models to retain their market share. This could lead to an exciting period of innovation and competition in the entry-level adventure segment, ultimately benefiting consumers with a wider range of choices and features.


While the true impact of the new KTM 390 Adventure remains to be seen, the potential upgrades suggest a compelling offering that could reshape the entry-level adventure market. Its success, however, will depend heavily on pricing strategies, technological advancements offered by competitors, and the overall response from riders searching for their perfect adventure companion. The stage is set for an exciting battle in the adventure motorcycle segment, and the next-generation KTM 390 Adventure certainly has the potential to be a game-changer.

Riding into the Future: A Sustainable Adventure? Unveiling the New KTM 390 Adventure

The KTM 390 Adventure has always been a popular choice for adventure seekers, offering a potent blend of performance, agility, and affordability. While the upcoming 2024 model promises exciting updates in design, performance, and technology, a crucial question arises: will it embrace the path of sustainability?

Shifting Gears Towards Sustainability

  • Eco-Conscious Rumors: Whispers suggest that the new 390 Adventure might adhere to stricter emission regulations, potentially incorporating technologies like fuel injection upgrades or even a mild-hybrid system.
  • Balancing Act: Striking a balance between performance, features, and sustainability is a challenge. While stricter regulations might introduce slight changes to peak power figures, KTM's engineering prowess could ensure the new model remains exciting and efficient.
  • Competitive Advantage: If KTM successfully manages to combine performance, features, and environmental friendliness at a competitive price point, it could redefine the entry-level adventure segment. This could attract a new generation of environmentally conscious riders who prioritize both adventure and sustainability.

The Final Roar: Are You Ready for the Adventure?

Beyond the potential advancements in performance and features, the new KTM 390 Adventure signifies an evolution in the entry-level adventure category. While details like the launch date, price, and final specifications remain shrouded in secrecy, the anticipation is undeniable.

Here's what awaits you:

  • Mark your calendars: Stay tuned for official announcements from KTM as the launch date approaches.
  • Follow reliable sources: Seek information from trusted sources like KTM's official channels, reputable motorcycle publications, and industry experts.
  • Prepare to be amazed: When the new 390 Adventure is finally unveiled, expect a motorcycle that pushes the boundaries of entry-level adventure riding, potentially offering an exciting combination of performance, features, and a nod towards sustainability.

The future of adventure riding is on the horizon, and the new KTM 390 Adventure promises to be a thrilling chapter in that story.

Will it be the environmentally conscious leader the segment needs?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain - the adventure awaits!