Kinetic Green Initiates Deliveries of E-Luna Electric Moped

By Puspha Kumari S
23 Feb 2024
Kinetic Green Deliveries E-Luna Electric Moped

Kinetic Green has commenced deliveries of its recently launched E-Luna electric moped. The E-Luna, available in two variants priced at ₹69,000 and ₹74,990, boasts features like a 1.2 kW hub motor, a range of 110 km, a top speed of 50 kmph, and a four-hour charging time. This blog delves into the key specifications, features, and market expectations surrounding the E-Luna electric moped.

Highlights of this Article

  • Available in two variants priced at ₹69,000 and ₹74,990 respectively
  • steel chassis telescopic forks and twin shock absorbers
  • Equipped with a 1.2 kW hub motor and a 2 kWh battery pack, a top speed of 50 km and a range of 110 km 
  • Kinetic Green targets revenue of ₹800 crore by the next financial year

Kinetic E-Luna: Variants, Pricing, and Your Eco-Friendly Ride Awaits

Kinetic, a renowned name in the Indian two-wheeler industry, has entered the electric vehicle (EV) segment with the launch of the E-Luna. This stylish and eco-friendly scooter caters to urban commuters seeking a sustainable and cost-effective ride. Let's explore the variants and pricing of the Kinetic E-Luna:

Kinetic E-Luna Variants

The E-Luna comes in two distinct variants:

  • Kinetic E-Luna: This base variant offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, ideal for daily commutes within the city.
  • Kinetic E-Luna RX: The RX variant boasts a sportier design and enhanced performance, catering to riders seeking a more thrilling electric experience.

Kinetic E-Luna Pricing (ex-showroom, Delhi):

  • Kinetic E-Luna: ₹69,990 (ex-showroom, Delhi).
  • Kinetic E-Luna PX: ₹79,990 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Key Features of the Kinetic E-Luna

  • Stylish and Contemporary Design: The E-Luna features a modern and elegant design that is sure to appeal to urban riders.
  • Swappable Battery Pack: The scooter comes with a portable and swappable battery pack, making it convenient for charging at home, office, or public charging stations.
  • Digital Instrument Cluster: The E-Luna is equipped with a digital instrument cluster that displays all essential riding information, including speed, battery level, and trip odometer.
  • Multiple Riding Modes: The scooter offers two riding modes - Eco and Boost - to cater to different riding styles and range requirements.
  • Spacious Underseat Storage: The E-Luna provides ample underseat storage to accommodate a helmet and other essentials.
  • Regenerative Braking: This feature helps to recover kinetic energy during braking and improves the scooter's range.

Choosing Your Perfect E-Luna

Consider your daily commute distance, budget, and desired performance when selecting your ideal E-Luna variant. The base variant caters well to essential commuting needs, while the RX suits those seeking a sportier and more powerful ride.

Embrace the EV Revolution with Kinetic E-Luna

The Kinetic E-Luna presents an exciting opportunity to join the growing EV revolution in India. With its attractive variants, competitive pricing, and eco-friendly credentials, the E-Luna is a compelling choice for eco-conscious riders seeking a stylish and sustainable commute.

Stay Updated

Visit the Kinetic website or authorized dealerships for the latest information on variants, pricing, availability, and test drive opportunities. Remember, prices are subject to change, so always refer to the official sources for the most accurate information.

Design and Build Quality - A Modern Take on a Classic

The Kinetic E-Luna, a revival of the iconic Luna moped, takes the classic design and injects it with modern sensibilities and electric power. Let's delve into its aesthetics and build quality:


  • Retro Charm: The E-Luna retains the essence of the original Luna with its rounded body, chrome accents, and step-through frame. This nostalgic charm resonates with those who remember the original while attracting new riders with its vintage appeal.
  • Modern Touches: Sleek LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster, and contemporary colour options like Mulberry Red and Ocean Blue modernize the design, making it relevant for today's riders.
  • Practicality: The removable rear seat and spacious under-seat storage cater to everyday needs, whether carrying groceries or delivering small packages.
  • Colour Options: The E-Luna comes in five vibrant colours (Mulberry Red, Ocean Blue, Pearl Yellow, Night Star Black, and Sparkling Green), catering to diverse preferences.

Build Quality

  • Sturdy Chassis: The dual tubular high-strength steel chassis promises durability and stability, suitable for Indian roads and varied terrains.
  • Robust Components: Solid switches, well-finished paint, and a cushioned seat contribute to a premium feel and suggest longevity.
  • Focus on Functionality: The design prioritizes functionality with features like a kickstand, grab rails, and luggage hooks, ensuring a comfortable and convenient riding experience.


The E-Luna strikes a balance between retro aesthetics and modern functionality. Its build quality, with a focus on sturdiness and practicality, suggests it can handle daily commutes and light cargo duties. While long-term durability remains to be tested by user experience, the initial impression is promising.

Performance of E-Luna

The performance of the Kinetic E-Luna depends on what aspects you're most interested in, as it has both strengths and weaknesses. Here's a breakdown:


  • Range: The E-Luna boasts a claimed range of 80km (X1) to 110km (X2), which is impressive for its class and suitable for most daily commutes.
  • Affordability: Compared to other electric scooters, the E-Luna is competitively priced, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Comfort: The wide seat, ample legroom, and under-seat storage contribute to a comfortable riding experience.
  • Maneuverability: Its nippy acceleration and easy handling make it ideal for navigating city traffic.
  • Environmentally friendly: As an electric vehicle, the E-Luna produces zero emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.


  • Top speed: The top speed of 50 kmph might be limiting for riders who need to travel on highways or desire faster commutes.
  • Power: Some users report a lack of power, especially on inclines or with heavy loads. This could be a concern for riders who need more performance.
  • Build quality: Some users have raised concerns about the build quality of the E-Luna, particularly regarding certain components.
  • Suspension: The suspension system is reported to be on the stiffer side, potentially impacting comfort on rough roads.


The Kinetic E-Luna is a decent option for city commutes, particularly for those looking for an affordable and eco-friendly choice. However, its limitations in terms of power, top speed, and build quality might be dealbreakers for some riders. Before making a decision, consider your individual needs and priorities to see if the E-Luna aligns with them.

Market Expectations of E-Luna

The Kinetic E-Luna is a new electric scooter that is expected to be launched in India in 2024. The scooter has been generating a lot of interest from potential buyers, and there are high expectations for its success.

Market Analysis

The Indian electric scooter market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 5 million units by 2025. This growth is being driven by several factors, including rising fuel prices, government incentives, and increasing awareness of the environmental benefits of electric vehicles.

The Kinetic E-Luna is well-positioned to take advantage of this growing market. The scooter is priced competitively, and it has many features that are likely to appeal to Indian buyers, such as a long-range, a comfortable ride, and a stylish design.

Expert Opinions

Industry experts are bullish on the Kinetic E-Luna. They believe that the scooter has the potential to be a major player in the Indian electric scooter market.

Consumer Interest

There is a lot of consumer interest in the Kinetic E-Luna. The scooter has been featured in several media outlets, and it has generated a lot of positive buzz on social media.

Overall, the market expectations for the Kinetic E-Luna are very positive. The scooter is well-positioned to take advantage of the growing Indian electric scooter market, and it has the potential to be a major success.

Here are some of the key market expectations for the Kinetic E-Luna

  • Affordability: The Kinetic E-Luna is expected to be priced competitively, starting at around Rs 50,000. This will make it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Range: The scooter is expected to have a range of around 80-100 km on a single charge. This will be sufficient for most urban commutes.
  • Performance: The scooter is expected to have a top speed of around 60 kmph. This will be adequate for city riding.
  • Style: The Kinetic E-Luna is a stylish and modern scooter that is expected to appeal to a wide range of customers.
  • Brand: Kinetic is a well-established brand in India, and this is expected to give the E-Luna a head start in the market.

It is important to note that these are just market expectations, and the actual success of the Kinetic E-Luna will depend on several factors, including the final price of the scooter, the availability of government incentives, and the competition from other electric scooter manufacturers.

Kinetic E-Luna: Sales and Booking Buzz - An Electrifying Future?

Kinetic Green's recently launched E-Luna electric scooter has stirred the Indian EV market with its affordable price tag and practical features. But will it translate to high booking and sales figures? Let's delve into the expectations and potential of the E-Luna

Booking Momentum:

  • Bookings opened on January 26th, 2024, with a positive initial response. Early reports suggest steady booking numbers, fueled by the attractive price point.
  • Kinetic Green aims for 5,000 units per month, a target achievable considering the scooter's affordability and growing EV demand.

Sales Projections:

  • Industry experts predict healthy sales figures, particularly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, where price sensitivity is high.
  • The competitive landscape is crucial. E-Luna faces rivals like Okinawa Dual 100, Odysse Trot, and TVS XL 100. Its success hinges on standing out in terms of performance, range, and after-sales support.

Government Support to Green Transportation

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, present at the launch event, emphasized the E-Luna's potential impact on reducing carbon footprint and providing e-mobility solutions for Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities, and rural areas of India. The government's support and commitment to expanding electric mobility align with Kinetic Green's vision for the E-Luna.


The Kinetic Green E-Luna electric moped emerges as a promising addition to the electric two-wheeler market, combining affordability, practical features, and an iconic design. With a strategic sales approach, Kinetic Green aims to make a significant mark in the electric vehicle segment, catering not only to urban markets but also addressing the mobility needs of smaller cities and rural areas in India.

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