BigRock Motorsports Rules Round 2: CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League,Ahmedabad

By Puspha Kumari S
19 Feb 2024
BigRock Motorsports Rules Round 2

The roar of engines echoed through the EKA Arena in Ahmedabad, India, as Round 2 of the inaugural Ceat Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) unfolded. But amongst the dust and adrenaline, one team reigned supreme: BigRock Motorsports! Their riders, Matt Moss and Reid Taylor carved their names in the record books, securing dominant victories in the 450cc and 250cc International categories, respectively.

Highlights of the Article:

  • BigRock Motorsports' Matt Moss and Reid Taylor secured dominant victories in 450cc and 250cc categories, respectively.
  • Moss showcased aggressive control, while Taylor displayed youthful exuberance and calculated risks.
  • Other notable performances include Anthony Demaria's Pro-Am win and Priyanka Dabir's dominance in the Women's category.
  • BigRock also leads the overall team standings with their cohesive strategy and rider support.

The exhilarating second leg of the Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) unfolded at the EKA Arena, Ahmedabad, showcasing BigRock Motorsports' prowess on the track. This article delves into the thrilling victories, strategic brilliance, and team dynamics that made Round 2 a historic chapter in the ISRL saga.

Introduction: The Ahmedabad Roar

The city of Ahmedabad played host to a spectacular ISRL Round 2, where BigRock Motorsports left an indelible mark. The race drew over 10,000 passionate fans, exceeding the stadium's capacity and setting the stage for a historic showdown. Chief Minister Bhupendrabhai Patel and distinguished figures from politics and business added to the event's grandeur.

BigRock Motorsports Triumphs: Individual Victories

1. Matt Moss's Dominance in 450cc

BigRock Motorsports' star athlete, Matt Moss, astride the Kawasaki, showcased a masterclass in the 450cc international race. Moss, the Australian powerhouse, seized the lead from the starting gate drop, demonstrating explosive starts – a signature move. Navigating the challenging course with precision, Moss maintained an unwavering pace, leaving competitors like Frenchman Adrien Aberiou and India's Gyaneshwaran Senthilkumar in the dust. Moss's calculated aggression paid off as he crossed the finish line first, captivating the crowd.

2. Reid Taylor's Brilliance in 250cc

In the 250cc international race, the spotlight shifted to rising star Reid Taylor, another force from BigRock Motorsport riding the Kawasaki. Engaging in a neck-and-neck duel with experienced Indian rider Adarsh Roy, Taylor displayed phenomenal skill and composure. The two riders battled through tight corners, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. Taylor's youthful exuberance and calculated risks gave him the edge. A crucial overtake on a technical jump section secured his victory, marking a significant moment in his burgeoning career.

3. Ben Prasit Hallgren's Surprise Win in 250cc India Asia Mix

Adding to BigRock Motorsports' triumph, Ben Prasit Hallgren of Mohite’s Racing riding the Kawasaki won the 250cc India Asia Mix category. Hallgren's outstanding performance surprised everyone, contributing to the team's overall dominance.

Beyond Individual Triumphs:

In the fast-paced world of motorsports, where individual victories often take the spotlight, there's an unsung hero - the collective strength of a well-coordinated team. BigRock Motorsports stands out not just for individual triumphs but for the orchestrated harmony that propels them to success. Let's delve into the insights behind their strategic brilliance, seamless team effort, and the overall dominance that sets them apart.

1. Seamless Team Effort: Precision in Motion

Picture a well-oiled machine – that's the essence of BigRock Motorsports' team dynamics. Every team member played a pivotal role, contributing to the seamless success witnessed on the track. From the meticulous preparation of bikes, ensuring peak performance, to strategic pit stops that fuel victories, and on-track support acting as the backbone of achievement – each element is a cog in the wheel of triumph.

2. Strategic Prowess: Calculated Moves on the Track

Ahmedabad's challenging track becomes a strategic battlefield for BigRock Motorsports. Their adaptability and strategic prowess shine through, resembling a chess game where every move is calculated for success. Tailored strategies, fine-tuned to exploit individual strengths, become the linchpin of victory. The crowd could witness a continuous process of refinement, showcasing the team's commitment to excellence in navigating the twists and turns of the Ahmedabad track.

3. Overall Team Dominance: Beyond Individual Triumphs

Beyond the roar of individual victories, BigRock Motorsports emerges as a dominant force in the broader spectrum of team sports. Their cohesive strategies create a synergy that sets them apart from the competition. It's not just about individual triumphs; it's about the collective success echoing through every rider. Mutual support among team members becomes the secret sauce, elevating BigRock Motorsports to a league of their own.

Unlocking the Secrets: BigRock Motorsports' Path to Collective Victory

In the world of motorsports, understanding the secret ingredients to collective success is paramount. BigRock Motorsports' journey goes beyond individual victories, unravelling the intricacies of team harmony, strategic brilliance, and overall dominance.

Let's explore more on the winning symphony that propels BigRock Motorsports to the forefront of motorsports excellence.

Strategic Brilliance: Conquering the Ahmedabad Track

The Ahmedabad track presented unique challenges, demanding a blend of power and precision. BigRock Motorsports' riders had meticulously studied the course, developing tailored strategies that exploited its strengths. Moss utilized his explosive starts to gain early leads, while Taylor focused on precise cornering and calculated risk-taking on technical sections. This adaptability, combined with their deep understanding of their machines, allowed them to navigate the diverse terrain with ease.

Building on Momentum: Lessons from Round 1

Remembering their performance in Round 1 highlights areas for improvement. The team meticulously analyzed data, identified weaknesses, and made strategic adjustments. This commitment to constant refinement paid off in Round 2, with improved starts, smoother lines, and sharper reactions evident in their riders' performances. This continuous learning curve is a hallmark of BigRock Motorsports' success.

Overall Team Dominance: Beyond Individual Wins

BigRock Motorsports didn't just dominate individual categories; they secured a commanding lead in the overall team standings. Riders consistently finished in top positions across categories, accumulating substantial points that widened their lead over competitors. Compared to other teams, they displayed a more cohesive strategy, with riders supporting each other on the track and sharing valuable insights during pit stops. This collaborative spirit proved to be a game-changer.

Adapting the Melody: Conquering the Technical Score

The Ahmedabad track wasn't just a stage; it was a complex composition demanding both power and precision. BigRock Motorsports' riders, akin to seasoned musicians, had meticulously studied the score, developing specific tactics to exploit its nuances. Moss, like a virtuoso on the starting line, used his explosive starts to gain early leads, while Taylor, channelling the agility of a skilled percussionist, focused on precise cornering and calculated risk-taking on technical sections. This adaptability, combined with their intimate understanding of performance-oriented scooters, allowed them to navigate the diverse terrain with the grace of seasoned performers.

Looking Ahead:

  1. Upcoming Events: Round 3 is scheduled for March 3rd in Pune, offering new challenges for riders to adapt their strategies. Subsequent rounds in Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Bangalore promise fresh stages for fierce competition.
  2. Grand Finale Anticipation: As the ISRL approaches its grand finale, racing enthusiasts await the final showdown. Will BigRock Motorsports maintain its lead, or will new challengers emerge to rewrite the score? Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of the ISRL season!


BigRock Motorsports' triumph at the EKA Arena showcases their dominance and sets the stage for an exhilarating ISRL season. With strategic prowess, collaborative teamwork, and exceptional riding skills, they have cemented their position as frontrunners in Indian motorsports. As the season progresses, anticipation builds for the grand finale, where the ultimate champion will emerge victorious. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates from the ISRL circuit!