Frequently Asked Questions
OTO is a two wheeler financing plus commerce platform reimagining buying and ownership experience for millions of Indians. Customers can research, schedule test drives at home, avail of innovative and flexible financing options, and complete the purchase via OTO.
OTO’s Services are currently live in - Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Chennai, Delhi, Indore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad.
Customers can research, compare and buy two wheelers through OTO in cash / through finance.
OTO provides attractive offers and benefits on all cash purchases and flexible and affordable financing options.
We also home deliver vehicles to customers in select pin codes if the customer needs to avail that facility.
OTO provides affordable and flexible financing options to customers. Customers can choose a 1,2 or 3 year tenure.
While customers need to pay a down payment like any other financing option, they pay a lower EMI upfront. At the end of the tenure selected, customers have flexibility of either upgrading to a new vehicle at no extra cost or pay a lump sum and own the vehicle or extend EMIs for another year and own the vehicle.
Customers need to be Indian citizens above 18 years of age.
Yes.OTO provides attractive financing options on select Electric Vehicles to eligible customers.
You can apply for a loan on OTO website or OTO App or through OTO’s official Whatsapp bot.. The Process is totally paperless and takes less than 10 mins. To apply click here -
You can choose a tenure between 1 to 3 years and decide what to do at the end of the tenure as explained in Point no 2.
The rate of interest starts from 8.99% and the final rate of interest for your case depends on your profile. Apply here to know more -
KYC is mandatory for securing a 2 wheeler loan on OTO like with any other financial institution. Depending on your profile and accommodation type, you may be further required to furnish Address Proof ,Income Proof and/or Business Proof.
The Process to Do KYC on OTO is very simple. All you have to do is upload a photo/pdf of your PAN Card.
In case you live in a rented house -
We accept the latest rent agreement + Electricity /Gas Bill for the address on rent agreement as valid proof. Please ensure that the rent agreement is not expired for faster approval. The process to upload both these documents is simple and one click on both OTO web and App.

In case of Owned house -
We accept the latest Electricity / Gas bill in the name of the applicant as valid proof.
In case these documents are in the name of a family member like Parents/Spouse, a further proof of relationship may be required.
OTO accepts - 3 months bank statement as income proof, in required cases.

The process to upload the bank statement is very easy. In case your bank allows it you can simply login via net banking and it's done in a click. Please note that this process is secure and we do not save/store your password anywhere.

In case login via netbanking is not activated for your bank, you can download the statement from your banking app/email and upload in a click in the application form on OTO. If your statement is password protected, please provide the password to open it for faster approval.
In case you do your own business and are not salaried, you may be asked for business proof in the application process. We accept either GST Certificate/ Municipal Certificate as proof of business. You can upload the image or PDF file of the same in a click on OTO Web/App.
It takes approximately 30 minutes for the application to be approved once you have provided all the required details.
Please provide the correct and factual details and documents only as per your profile in the application for faster approval.
Once your loan is approved, an agreement is generated and signed between yourself and OTO. You will then have to pay the required down payment to OTO / OTO partner showroom and OTO/OTO partners will release the loan amount to the showroom. Once this is done you will walk home with your new vehicle.
The repayment of loan will happen in Monthly EMIs. The EMIs will get auto-debited from your bank account which will be registered with us before disbursement of loan through NACH facility.
The Repayment schedule will be the document which will capture the detailed EMI repayment plan as per your application and the final loan approval from us. The repayments shall have equal EMIs which will be distributed across your approved tenure. The schedule will have a mention of your monthly payable principle and interest which will be equal to your monthly repayment/EMI.
If you do not repay or delay your repayment, our lending partners will automatically report it to the RBI approved credit bureau agencies (i.e. CIBIL, Experian), which will record the information. This can lower your credit score.
This will affect all your future loan applications and will be negatively impacted. You might not be able to get loans easily to buy a house, a car or a two-wheeler or get a credit-card, as all the lending institutions in the country check with these agencies before approving your loan.
Apart from this, the partner bank might also initiate legal recourse to recover the money from you. You may also have to pay the penal charges if you delay your timely repayment as per the schedule.
As per the affordable financing plan at OTO, we allow foreclosure of a loan after a permitted period without any charges or penalties. This period may vary depending on your chosen tenure of loan. In case you wish to foreclose the loan before such a permitted period, you may do so by paying a small charge.
In case of any queries you can contact us via -
Email -
Phone - 9372081131
Whatsapp - 8095022228